Muses from you

There is nothing quite like sneaking around feeling like a covert surviellance operative, taking pictures of people without them knowing.

Ahem… So they say that is… *cough*

Be it on the bus, in the street or just from your upstairs window at the guy scratching his nether regions across the street. I know you’ve thought about it, and some of you already have.

So send them into me, with any blurb you want attatched, including any moniker or name you wish to be known by, and I shall publish them here.

Send your pictures to

And you have my word, your anonymity will be kept forever, so you wish. x

Get snapping! And a competition SHALL arrive soon. Plus free mouth watering olives. But that’s another story… 😉



2 Responses to Muses from you

  1. You have totally nicked all my ideas…..

  2. Kinda yes and kinda no.
    After I found your blog after I’d already started taking pics, I saw what you had done, and respected it. I thought your ideas were great, but I am a stickler for not copying. It was only when an FB friend asked if they could send me their own pics that they had taken and could I post them that I came to the natural conclusion that I would have come up ith the ‘Muses from you’ by myself, so I don’t feel bad about that.


    I did nick your competition thing. Hands up.

    I shall retract it if you take umbridge. I only have 3 subscribers, so you are in no way in fear of me stealing your thunder.

    BUT… How do you fancy a secrety picture photo taking challenge? Spice things up a bit. Maybe one week you give a challenge, next me, a bit of healthy rivalry.

    I think it could work.
    Email me.


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