Dead, Alive, and Completely Lost in Translation

Yes. I’m an over shoulder reader. Usually a paper I could easily have picked up myself for free anyway, but, THIS was just plain weird.

Make sure you read it all. The last line is the best (If you have trouble making any of it out, click on it to enlarge).

I took this from just next to his ear so thank god that the shutter sound didn’t go off.

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New iPhone Microscope App Proves Hit With Teenager

And while he was studying his willy,

why was she staring at mine?

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The Sunday Musepapers “The Prince and the Pauper”

Delivering the pick of the weeks pictures that you never saw, every Sunday morning.

“Goats and cheese. Put them in a room together and they’ll stink after a week.

Put them both on a stuffed Mushroom and you’ll love them forever.”

Actual quote I overheard during the week. Love it.

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Double Nosepicker

I can’t think of any other ways to describe it.

And correct me if i’m wrong, but somebody fancies sombody no matter how much they waft their underarm pheremones at them.

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A Doubler, With A Nail Biting Ending.

2 months ago I started taking pics on the underground, and quite pleased I was too.

3.4 million people ride on it every day. I’m sure I only take a few snaps in each one.

Well bugger me, I only caught the same person twice within two months, on different Tube lines, at different times… My first doubler.

12th FEBRUARY 2011, 11:32 am North London. Piccadilly Line.







6th APRIL 2011, 10:48 pm, the City, Northern Line.

And whos’ knees is she looking at?

And now for the nail biting ending…

Or should I say contemplation of biting nails…

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Ill Fitting or Geek Chic?

I can’t work out wether this is a good look or not…

All his clothes seem to not fit in one way or another. Are his jeans too low? Is his jumper too small? Is his t-shirt too big underneath?

You decide. Because by the look of the last picture, even he can’t.

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The Sunday Musepapers “Woman Cracks up on Train”

The Sunday Musepapers, delivered every Sunday am without fail. The weeks pictures you never saw.

Taking pictures all around London Transport, Slyly. As usual

‘”She’s not all as cracked up as she claims to be” – says man’

And the rest of the weeks muse…

‘Tarantino auditions finger for new film “Nailed”

‘Man sucks finger to eleviate stress of angry man on platform’

And in other muse…

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